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1st Class Legal (IS) Ltd was established in 2004 as a vehicle to build on the very extensive ATE litigation costs insurance underwriting experience of our Managing Director. Our experience includes :-

  • Underwriting of secure, affordable, cost effective ATE insurance with simple administration and reporting requirements.
  • Designing and delivering a product that is tailor made for each specific case and not just a “one size fits all” policy.
  • Working closely with firms of solicitors to deliver legal expenses policies that both the lawyer and the client understand and see the benefits of.

1st Class Legal (IS) Ltd also provides a consultancy service regarding ATE insurance which offers specialist advice and assistance to firms of solicitors and their clients who need to obtain protection against the costs consequences of the litigation they are involved in or are contemplating. This is an important area for consideration, especially in the event that the case fails, particularly for high value litigation, where solicitor and client, who both have a financial, interest, need to know exactly where they stand and the extent of their potential financial liabilities. Advice can be provided verbally over the telephone, in writing or face to face in our offices in London or Shrewsbury or at the solicitors or clients location. For more information or if you have any specific queries that need an immediate and direct response please email us or telephone us on 0845 241 2076 and ask for the insurance department.

1st Class Legal (IS) Ltd provides a case assessment service for ATE insurance provided by authorised insurers.


In view of the nature of our work we take privacy and data protection seriously. We fully comply with the data protection legislation and will never disclose details of our customers or their clients to anyone except those directly involved in providing our service. We guarantee a totally private and confidential service.

1ST CLASS LEGAL (IS) LTD - 0845 241 2076